Dr Grudzinskas is able to offer a personal service for women and men who are concerned about their fertility and are looking for help to establish the cause of their infertility and the most appropriate treatment. Some patients may require more time and more guidance than would generally be available and Dr Grudzinskas is able to offer them appropriate care and support based on his extensive knowledge and experience.

Consultations for infertility will include first consultations, second opinions, assessment of male and female infertility and advanced ultrasound by clinicians with many years experience. Patients will have immediate access to experts, who can advise on the best way forward for infertility treatment and advise on procedures and choice of locations.

Dr Grudzinskas, in association with Boston Place Clinic in central London, treats patients personally who require IVF, ICSI, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and endoscopic/keyhole surgery.

Dr Grudzinskas is in a position to assist couples and individuals who are still childless after IVF treatment. His international experience enables him to assist women who require donor oocytes/eggs in Crete and Spain.

Every consultation takes place personally/remotely with Dr. Grudzinskas (e.g. Zoom or Skype).

Referrals for consultation may be made by your doctor (GP) or another consultant, but this is not always necessary. Appointments may also be booked directly.

After all consultations, Dr. Grudzinskas will write to your GP unless you specify otherwise with a copy of the letter sent to you, explaining the outcome of the consultation. One of those outcomes may well be the need for treatment.

Investigations and Treatment options

It is always advisable that couples attend at least the Initial Consultation together, for a comprehensive and holistic evaluation and diagnosis of possible treatment options.

After most consultations, some investigations (tests) may be needed.

For women, these investigations often involve blood hormone tests (at a particular time of the menstrual cycle) and an ultrasound scan, normally performed shortly after a period.

For the assessment of male fertility, investigations include semen analysis. In some cases, if this has already been done, a further sample may be requested, as well as blood tests.

All operative procedures are performed by Dr. Grudzinskas himself, often assisted by another expert colleague, and take place at Princess Grace Hospital.

In London, IVF, ICSI and other ART procedures will be performed, by Dr Grudzinskas, at Boston Place Clinic.

Typically, Dr Grudzinskas will attend to patients abroad to ensure continuity of care, performing the oocyte/egg collection and embryo transfer, himself.

For those women having treatment with donor oocytes/eggs abroad, it will be usual for Dr Grudzinskas to perform the Embryo Transfer.

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