Consultations and treatments are specific to the individual. Costs vary depending on the location and treatment. For those not covered by medical insurance there are various fixed price packages available. For more information on various specific payment options contact Gedis Grudzinskas at either of the locations below:

92 Harley Street
Secretary: Charlotte Brockwell
Tel: 020 7034 1300
Fax: 020 7034 1301

La Maison Medicale
10 Cromwell Place (basement floor)
South Kensington
Tel: 020 7589 9321

Fees for all consultations and investigations are payable on the day of the appointment.

Patients covered by insurance are advised to obtain authorization from their medical insurer prior to their appointments, as all accounts are to be settled in full on the day of all consultations and tests.

Usually, patients will be responsible for seeking their own reimbursement from their insurer, unless a clear commitment from the insurer is demonstrated with a Pre-Authorisation Letter, which states the fees covered by insurance for which billing direct is accepted by the Insurance Company.

Fees for operative procedures are to be paid in advance.

Operative procedures will be invoiced in advance and full settlement, prior to the procedure, is requested. In these circumstances it will be the responsibility of the patient to request reimbursement from their insurer.

Please note that the reimbursement from medical insurers may not cover, in full, the fees of the surgeon, anaesthetists nor hospital admission charges.