In general, patients make an appointment after an initial discussion with their GP, who will have given appropriate advice. Referral letters should be addressed to Gedis Grudzinskas, Consultant in Infertility and Gynaecology, at either of the addresses below.

You can, if you wish to do so, make an appointment directly to see Dr. Grudzinskas, without a referral.

Typically, an initial appointment will take 30 minutes, with follow-up consultations lasting 15 minutes.

If you have a medical insurance policy, please ensure, if possible, that you have a pre-authorisation letter or code, from your insurer, before making an appointment.

To book an appointment to see Dr. Grudzinskas at a specific location, contact one of his secretaries on the numbers given below.

For your convenience, you may make an appointment to see Dr. Grudzinskas at either 92 Harley Street, La Maison Medicale or at The Princess Grace Hospital. Furthermore, follow-up appointments do not need to be taken at the same location as previous consultations.

92 Harley Street
Secretary: Charlotte Brockwell
Tel: 020 7034 1300
Fax: 020 7034 1301

La Maison Medicale
10 Cromwell Place (basement floor)
South Kensington
Tel: 020 7589 9321